About BluePrint compiling time

Hi, sorry about my english.

I get a strange problem with version 4.17.1
I don’t know why but after have update my project some blueprint is very very slow to compile.
Exemple my character blueprint taking around 3 or 4 secs before and now with 4.17.1 it take around 1 min or more… and the computer seen to work very hard on the compiling comparate to before.
I have many AI character too they is pretty much all the same BP code, the only difference some AI use a different controller and bone hierarchy. It’s strange because some AI Character BP compiling fast and some other compiling very slow. I have try to search and find any difference with the fast and slow BP compiling and I see nothing that can cause this slowdown.

It is possible to see a debug in runtime of what happening when the blueprint compiling ? maybe it can help me to find what is the cause of that slowdown.


I am also having the same issue with 4.17.1. I tried on a new empty level, and the main character compiled far better. But after a few changes, in the same empty level, the compiling time is the same as in the previous level.

I have the same issue with the character starting from 4.16, but level is not empty, so I blame it.

Ok, It seems that if you disable the Compilation Manager in the Project Settings compiling time becomes like It was before! I mean, it goes from 12 seconds down to 600ms after disabling it. :slight_smile:

[ Naitguolf ] OHHH many thanks.
I don’t know what it change exactly in the final process but you save me many hours when I do tests with my project.

If someone don’t find the option to disable.

I had the same issue, after moving form 4.16 → 4.17 the compilation time went from 3 sec to 60+ sec !!! sometimes 2 minutes.
After disabling the compilation manager the compilation times were fast again as they were in 4.16

There must be something terribly wrong with the compilation manager.

This is a great find, what does the compilation manager do in theory besides slowing everything down?