About a SoundNode plugin submission

I am currently creating an audio filter plugin for UE4.

Will the marketplace accept a plugin submission with C++ source code (sub classes of the “SoundNode” class) and static libraries (DSP core)?


Hi Bigmouse,

Currently the marketplace does not support plugins and source changes. We are working on implementing this functionality in a future version of the launcher.


On timeframe side, when the plugin type of marketplace involving source code change going to be acceptable, approximately?


Hi bigmouse,

Unfortunately we do not have a timeframe available at the present time. Please keep an eye for the change in future release notes or updates on the forums announcements section at forums.unrealengine.com.

Is there a new update? Already asked a question without respons. Like others on the answerhub. When can we expect to be able to publish code plug-ins on the marketplace? - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums.

We would appreaciate a slight indication.

Thanks in advance and kind regards,


It shouldn’t be too much longer now. We have made a lot of strides to providing C++ and Plugins on the marketplace recently, so you should be seeing more announcements about those developments coming up.