Abode PHotoshop to Maya or Unreal Photo Merge Problem

Okay!!! Through Personal Debugging I see that my pictures in Adobe Photoshop after being transferred to apply to surface arent going the way i want. Scenario: I create a texture lests say its forty by forty centimeters. I go into photo shop copy and paste a couple of times or create transform and apply through that method. After saving the picture as a P.N.G file and transferring to maya i encounter problem. I troubleshooted and look my self to see what going on and it seems that each individual copy i made of the photo is stretching on the one portrait. (Detailed: 4x4 picture with four pictures in one to fit the cancas. As i apply to material it stretches the four pictures individually but not as a whole.) I’ve combined the layers and still no hope. I’m in search for a fix but i hope for a reply. Thanks!!!

Without a screenshot I’m not 100% sure what you’re describing. But it sounds like a problem with the UVMapping on your mesh.