Able Ability System Info and Support Thread

Excuse me, my engine version is 4.17. How do I install this plugin?


I have a small question. It seems at the end of the PlayAnimation task, or when the skill ends, it seems to reset all animation montages. Is there a way to change this from happening? The reason I ask is because I have setup a combo system using Ability Branching. The animations are timed perfectly so that the 2nd part of the combo begins where the 1st animation ended. The problem I’m having as that on the first frame of the branch, the ability is stopping all montages from playing, then the next frame the 2nd animation starts playing. This causes the character to enter the Idle animation for one frame between the 1st animation and the 2nd animation and it looks really bad. What can I do to resolve this?



I have reinstalled this plugin again recently.
I have this Bug / problem with Play Animation task.

When I either select Null or select an animation, I would like to change animation and see different ones.
When i do this, it does not change to the animation in scroll down.
Please can you have a look into this. Thank you

Are you saying you would like it to instantly play the animation while you are scrolling through? Or you simply aren’t seeing any animation play after you select one and hit Play?

EDIT: I’m also working on the 3.0 update which will have some very cool things hopefully people enjoy. Hoping to get it out before the New Year.

Hi matt, yeah the anims just wont change. Tried everything already. Even started new project. I have to delete play anim and add new one.

What sorta new features you adding?
Cant wait.
This is my main ability system for my game now?

You may need to save the ability before the Animation will play (but that should happen behind the scenes when you go to play it). You can turn on the “Verbose” option for that task and see what Animation it says it’s trying to play. I’d be curious to see your output as I’ve never had that issue reported to me.

I’ll share more on 3.0 as I’m ready. It’s turned into a rather meaty update, and I think people will enjoy it.

Hi matt, Since i cant seem to explain this and you have not seen this error before, I have just made you a video to show you the issue. :slight_smile:

Can you Check your E-Mail as i will email you the video over of the error.

Thank you


I have emailed it over to [EMAIL=“”] address. Cant remember your other address and cant find it

Cheers Matt


Perfect, Thanks Jesse!

So, in your video, I never see you hit the “Play” button in the toolbar at the top once you select your Animation (which causes the Ability to play itself). Automatically playing the animation after being selected could be done, but it could be a bit weird because people may not want to automatically play the ability just because you swapped an animation.

I didn’t get any audio in your video, but I assume that’s your issue? Or am I misunderstanding?

Have you got fb or discord??
I did press play

Does not change at all so deffo something wrong stays as same anim. :frowning:

I saw you change things to dynamic montage from Single Node, if you keep it at Single Node, does it work as expected? There may be something with the montage system.

Hi doesnt work on any settings

I’ll PM you, if you can send me your project I’ll run things locally with a debugger and see what’s going on.

Ok but i it does same on new project also

What version of UE4?

Right i tried it on UE4 4.20 / 4.21. Installs fine.
I can view animations and all in single node its fine, I can even use it in game.

Since we going in circles here, Its nothing to do with the function of the plugin as it works fine.

Its choosing an animation and problem is swapping to another animation in drop down.
I click on another animation but it just does not change, I tried it on new clean project and same thing.
I uninstalled the plugin from epic games and reinstalled it again.

Its the drop down box that does not change animation.
The only thing i gotta do is to remove animation and add animation and choose another one this way.

Can you try it out matt and tell me what happens when you try and change animation.
Check photo below
Add able file, Add task, Play animation, Pick an Animation. Highlight the animation bar.
Click task propertys then under animation pick a new one from dropdown.
Please tell me if it changes at your end.

I am using 4.20/4.21 and both clean projects.

Yup, I can do that this evening and report back. That helps clear things up a bit. Thanks Jesse, sorry for all the back and forth on this.

thanks for getting back to me, Its fine I know your busy with this new update!
Looking forward to this. IF worst comes to worst, I can just do montages for them all and change the anims in montage if needed. Speak soon

So, I wanted to give a bit of a background / roadmap / status update on Able 3.0


Every new year I try and update Able with some large change that came out of feedback from the previous year. My own projects, which I use Able on, have recently moved more towards crafting AI behaviors, so I’ve also wanted to wrap in some things I’ve seen to help quickly craft AI behaviors without leaving the Ability Editor.

For this year, I came up with these priorities.

  • Editor flow (particularly around setting the preview asset).
  • More tools to help craft abilities and test them in the editor (specifically around AI abilities).
  • More Movement based abilities (pretty consistent user request).

So, here’s the current roadmap / status report:

  • UI Refresh

  • Able is getting a hefty UI update. While some elements won’t change, the Timeline section and Toolbar are both getting updated art assets and layout changes to be more explanatory at a glance. Icons will be getting looked at as well (by an honest to God artist and not just my horrible programmer art).

  • Progress : **Ongoing **(lots of iteration with the artist right now).

  • Target Actors Added

  • In order to better test your Abilities, you can now place one or more “Target Actors” which is simply an Actor asset you can point Able to and spawn 1 or more in the scene, much like the Preview Asset. Want to test an AOE? Spawn a bunch of Targets around your Preview Actor and watch what happens. You can reset the Target Actors back into their initial state/position at any time (or automatically after each ability play). You can also force your Ability to target a specific Target Actor while in the Ability Editor via a simple drop down list.

  • Progress: Completed

  • Transform Tool Support

  • Translate / Scale / Rotate both the Preview Actor / Target Actors using the normal transform widget. This makes placing Target Actors and moving the Preview Actor trivial.

  • Progress: Completed

  • Move To Task

  • A simple task that moves one actor towards another (using the Navmesh or simple physics).

  • Progress : **Ongoing **(Still investigating all this entails and how to properly expose all those parameters in the best way).

  • Jump To Task

  • A jump/leap task that allows one actor to jump towards another. Physics driven.

  • Progress: Ongoing

  • User Task Color Customization

  • Users can now modify the colors for Tasks in an Ability. This is per Ability (not global) as different designers may prefer different color schemes (especially in the case of color blindness).

  • Progress: **Ongoing **(Should be a 1 line change, just need to put it through its’ paces).

  • New Preview / Target Asset Selection

  • Instead of the previous, rather ugly, modal dialog; there is now an Able Editor setting which contains the list of valid classes for each asset (Preview Asset Classes, Target Asset Classes). The Ability Editor toolbar has a simple drop down list that will filter your assets based on those classes and you can select the appropriate asset.

  • Progress: Completed

  • Investigate using Delegate Bindings (e.g. UMG’s model) rather than Function Overloading for dynamically providing parameters.

  • This was a very interesting user request. This would do away with lots of the various “OnDoSomeEvent” model I had been using and switching to using something more along with the binding system UMG does for all it’s properties (see ). There’s definitely some pros and cons here (including one big con that it will likely be incompatible with previous Able versions unless I come up with an upgrade script to transfer existing logic to the new paradigm), however it would basically allow users to override most fields without requesting me to add some callback - I’d love to hear any feedback while I continue my investigation. Very likely that this will get pushed out to the next update so I can fully investigate it.

  • Progress: OnGoing


So, that’s the peek behind the curtain. I think people will really enjoy this update once it’s ready to go out (no ETA, lots of things are still in flight and I want to really hammer on this before it goes out).