Ability to Unclaim and Transfer Dino Name?

Hey guys, I am running into a problem where I spawn my dinos pretamed but they are claimed by the admin. Is there a way to access the claim variable to spawn them in tamed but unclaimed? Also is there a way to transfer a dino name that a player set to another dino? Thanks!

I see where you are going with this :slight_smile:

Just brainstorming:

  • I’d imagine the egg/nest would have an owner ID associated with it.
  • Somehow, you’d want to read the nest owner ID (not the egg as it wouldn’t have an owner ID)… and when the baby dino is spawned… apply the nest owner ID to the new baby dino character BP. The new actor can’t be tamed and have no owner ID… hence why it’s probably defaulting to the first owner ID in the server list.

Btw I’m really hoping to leverage your mod as an essential add-on to mine… so getting the egg → baby → vanilla blueprint (adult) thing happening is important. I’d be interested in how you intend to make the baby dinos “weak”… last thing you’d is baby dinos tanking carno’s in the field :slight_smile: