ability to sort photos by name

It would be handy if photos could be sorted by name.

Especially in the componant, It’s a right pain. you could always but a small “Search” bar at the top of images so you can quickly find or select the images you need.

It would also be good to have the control point list in a different panel, so that the image list wouldn’t need to be closed (or scrolled) to select a different control point.

YES to both. The fact that you can only have one panel with 1Ds and 2Ds is a major limitation, and not being able to find images by name is a real pain, especially when you can’t find components from the image. Image browsing / management is a serious weakness of this software.


Sorting seems to be a bug, we will check it. Image management is in our short-term plan already.

If you have some particular scenario where you would need it, please tell us. We will prove-test our design on it too.
You can also make a separate topic for that for a better tracking. Just write scenario like for the film, where you write what do you want to achieve and proposed steps.

thank you

My (horrible) workaround for this which I use when I need to find a particular image by name is to create a .imagelist file with the image and then load it using the “Image Selection” button.

When you load image lists, if the image already exists it just gets highlighted. So then you have to scroll through and look for a highlighted image. This highlighting behavior does not happen when you add a single image, unfortunately. I guess that might be a bug too.

By the way, the import / export terminology should to be unified. Why do you export an “Images List” but you import an “Image Selection,” and you export a “Registration” but you import a “Component”? This is confusing and impedes learning the software.

Dear Aarron,

actually you have almost find the correct way to do that :slight_smile: for now until we release changes in UI.

Here [NOT A BUG] Can’t import an image selection on a new project
is described how the Image selections work.

…Why do you export an “Images List” but you import an “Image Selection,” …

The link above also explains the terminology inconsistency since it really means something different

…and you export a “Registration” but you import a “Component”…

Component is just one of the export registration forms with its properties. In general by exporting registration it is known to export camera poses and cameras calibration in some form. You can export registration e.g. to Maya.
On the other hand we import just components, CMPMVS text files and bundle out formats.

Thanks for clarifying this image list vs image selection thing. I think it’s extremely confusing as currently implemented. I would recommend you simplify things so that it works like this:

All image import happens through the same “import images”. If you select an image, that image comes in. If you select a folder, the contents of that folder (and children, depending on checkbox) comes in. If you select a .imagelist file, the contents of that list comes in. No matter how you imported stuff, the new files and duplicates found should be selected, and the console should say how many files were skipped duplicates and how many were actually imported.

You might add checkboxes for the “select after import” behavior – select duplicates, select added. You could have another checkbox which controls whether the actual image import happens or is just skipped, so that you could do the what the “import imagelist” currently does.

If you keep “import imagelist” as it is now – just a selection tool, then it absolutely should be moved from Workflow/Import to Alignment/Selection. Then it might make some sense.

As for registration vs component, it still sounds to me as if you are using two different words for the same thing, making it unnecessarily confusing for the user. The only difference is that you export a wider variety of (component / registration) formats than you import.

It’s also weird that you have Export “Images list” and then you also have “Image list” as a filetype for Export/Registration. I know the presence of an “s” can be very important in RC but I guess it doesn’t make a difference in this case?

Great to hear you have a fix planned as part of your short term plan.

RC is always encouraging its users to take more photos and not to limit ourselves. But finding images once having taken a lot of them is a very painful experience. This should not be the case. Anything you can do to help simplify things would be very helpful and appreciated from many many users I am sure.

Bill Isenberger wrote:

It would be handy if photos could be sorted by name.


Me too!
Any chance of this being implemented?

This should also apply to control points.
I wouldn’t mind more options like time of creation, number of features etc…

I do this in excel now.

export image list, import to excel, sort it. and then use it to create selection lists.

would be nice not to need extra software for it. but workflow isn’t too bad.

Hey chris,

thanks for the tip!

I’ve never used selection lists.
Would I neet to create a new project and import the list and a component with the old alignment?
Does that also work with CPs?

However, this is “only” good for the names, and it would be helpful to have it sorted by other properties as well.

control point files you can load up in excel too. but not sure if that will help selection.

I agree i would like to get error rate for each image too and select via that.

CPs I only mean to sort by name for clarity’s sake.
But it doesn’t really make sense while working cause it’s too troublesome and after finishing there is no pint anymore…

What do you mean by error rate per image?

I guess its residual distance.

but main thing i want is after alignment, a way to quick select and disable the images with the worst alignment.

Yeah, me too. Did you open a feature request for that?

You mean something like min, max and average residual per image?
That would be awesome!
Is there anything like that yet?
Can’t find anything in images nor components.
The distortion-values could be added too, to cover my request: Identify obvious distortion errors

yes i agree.

but I think another important one is the control points on images, and those error rates.

It would be good after an alignment with control points. esp when you add too many. to go through and delete the worst placed ones.

With control points, this is already possible though.
If you open the tree to the end of each control point, you can see the residual for it in each image.
I use that quite a bit to optimize them.

yes I’ve used it too.

but when you have a lot of them. it would be much quicker to export to excel and bring back in as an image selection. to disable all above a certain error.