ability to scale head?

One thing that became very apparent to me while using MetaHuman Creator is that most of the heads applied to a Short and thin body type do not work at all, because the person’s head seems too large for their body. Same thing for the Tall and heavyset body type, in many cases the head seems a little small for the body. Is it possible to introduce a feature that allows you to scale the head to some slight degree to correct for this?

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This is relatively easy to do already. In your animation blueprint, you can use a Transform (Modify) bone node, with whatever scale for the head you need (just set the bone to modify, e.g. neck_01, in the node details). Performance-wise, I suppose this approach is not too awful (fast-path node).



I’m aware that this is easy to do in Unreal, I was just wondering if this was a useful feature that could be added to the actual Metahuman Creator interface so we can preview it there before having to export to Unreal