Ability to save data?

Hey everyone, I am running into a problem with my mod where the time it takes a dino to grow resets when leaving singleplayer or if a server shuts down in multiplayer. Is there a way to store this data so it doesn’t reset every time. Thanks!

your solution may not be to save the data but to maybe make it start to grow from the start so say like if the server shuts down and comes back up instead of being stuck with dinos that are never gonna grow instead the growing process starts over yea it may suck that you have to start the growing process all over but its better then losing the eggs to dinos that will never grow bc they are stuck in the baby state from the server restarting…btw great mod

I think that is the problem he is having. He doesn’t want the times to restart, but they are.

Instead of just calculating it, could you store the time remaining as a variable in the actor itself?

Thanks for the idea. I set the actor scale and time to variables and it still resets when the game is reloaded.

Perhaps try another method. Can you create an actor that acts as a variable - store an integer there?

Yeah that didn’t work either. Thank you though. The main problem is the scale and growth time doesn’t save. Does anybody have any other ideas to save variable information when someone logs out and load it back up when they log back in?

Not sure what these are exactly but maybe they could be of use to you:


Do I have the ability to create a save game blueprint or will that conflict with the game?

Maybe you can use the actor’s scale as your calculation point? i.e. when the game loads, read the scale from the actor itself (not a saved variable)… and use that scale value to calculate where the dino is in terms of growth cycle?

That’s the way I originally had it set up and the scale would reset when logging in and out. So far I tried saving them to variables and creating a save game for the variables and it still doesn’t save the scale or time.

Is there a way to add to the original save game that Ark sets up?

Did you solve this problem of adding data to the ark save file?