Ability to Reorder Functions, Input Bindings and More

I looked and didn’t see a request for this elsewhere, though I may have missed it, and apologize in advance if this has already been suggested.

This is a very simple request and may not be critical to most projects; however, I feel it would be very beneficial to have the ability to rearrange the items on several different lists that currently exist in the editor, such as being able to move/reorder Functions in the Blueprint Editor or Input Action and Axis Bindings in the Input Manager. These are the two main areas where the inability to reorder list items is very apparent and has noticeably hindered project organization, though there are probably others.

For instance, with lots of inputs it is useful to be able to place similar inputs near each other on the input list; however, if you forget an input while configuring them in the input manager, or you need to add a new input later, you end up with similar inputs being broken up and separated. It is not a killer, but it does make the project a bit less organized. The same mostly applies to the functions list of the blueprint editor. This is mainly a feature for usability and organization (and to appease people like me who cringe when things aren’t in a neatly defined order.)

Thank you for your time.

also, better UI for function overwrite.