Ability to Reorder Blueprint Functions

Same for macros. I don’t believe it’s possible in 4.10.4 yet. Variables can be reordered, which is odd.

Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

I wouldnt mind being able to drag those entire categories around, so say put variables on top instead of functions or graphs.

Can we reorder blueprint functions yet?

This would be really great! I +1 for this feature.

You can vote for the issue here…

I so wish this feature was available right now. My lists of blueprint functions are getting pretty messy.

Need more votes on the above link.

> 2018
> can’t reorder function list
sad :frowning:

@DantaliaN00 For what it’s worth, it was implemented, and now it’s just a bug that it doesn’t work. I assume i was working at some point…

It says resolved, but I’m using 4.25 two years later and I still get the error tooltip popup when I try to re-order an event in the list of one of my custom graphs…