Ability to read/write to and from a file

Hey guys,

The title pretty much explains it all here. First the file i want to read from is a file with an array of steam64id’s making white listing of a server real easy. Second i plan to make some tools as i suck at mapping/modelling etc i use code to do things for me. Now because at this moment in time i plan to make a mod i dont really wana have to throw the full map in there. so my plan is to build a town in game from in game objects and of course i would be writting a tool which would grab the object class and location in game and exporting them to an external file which then i can chain load them on boot via a pretty easy loop. Modifying the map using scripts is how ive done it in other games but sadly the adk lacks the ability to do so. So im asking would it be possible to implement say in primalgamedata the ability to read a file for my whitelisting. Also the ability to write to a file from a tool i will create in game. I cant see with being very hard to implement as you could make it generic to serve multiple purposes.



Hi Bad^^Eye,

This is a very common request, however the ability to read from and write to files, as well as the ability to execute our own custom code isn’t missing from the Ark Dev kit - it is prohibited. They have been clear on this several times, and it isn’t something that they are able to change.

so… i was thinking of trying in the future to make like a global auctionhouse system… this would need items and things saved to file, this kind of mod is impossible?