Ability to re-map buttons for a few essentials in the viewport navigation

Every time I come to UE4 from 3D software there are a couple of tiny qualities of life features that would make a HUGE difference in fluidity of transition between software.

Mainly, having the option to customize the controls for orbiting and panning. i.e instead of having to hold alt + left click to orbit around a focused object I would like to be able to click and hold the middle mouse button for example - and instead of having panning as middle mouse button, I’d like to be able to bind it to shift + middle mouse button.

Also the ability to bind commonly used navigation functions like “Focus” to other mouse buttons like MB4 / 5.

I’ve also noticed there doesn’t seem to be a way to inverse the mouse panning function when using left + right mouse click for navigation?

These seem like minor gripes and they are - but right now they’re the reason for me and no doubt many other 3D software users cursing out the software for not including what should be easily implementable quality of life features.

No one likes feeling as if there needs to be a 30 minute transition period between moving between software to make up for a lack of basic customization. Everything else seems so in-depth and customizable I’m surprised these details have been over looked for so long.

If anyone knows any work around for these issues I’d be happy to implement an alternative solution.

+1. Blender has an option to flip between different industry key settings. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I would love to be able to use Max controls and shortcuts (a universal UI for the entire creation pipeline would be even better but I’m guessing that’s never going to happen?).