Ability to put tags on the assets in our editor

Hey there!

So I have been having trouble trying to find what I want to get in the content browser so I came up with the idea of,
what if we could put tags on our assets in the content browser, so that way when we use the search bar in the content browser we can get more accurate results!
So lets say I’m looking for a concrete floor asset. When I search concrete floor it could not pop up in the results because its naming convention is cement floor. Or if you have this update and you search vehicles it will then look for the naming convention vehicles and tags that are vehicles/vehicle so that way if you have a vehicle named blue_pickup_truck or something it will still find it because it has the tag ‘vehicle’.

If you have a huge team all working together and they are importing content into the level, you aren’t going to know the naming conventions of what it its when you go looking for it your self. So if you know it was a vehicle your employee made and imported but you don’t know the naming convention he named it or the location in the folders you can just search the tag ‘Vehicle’ and it will come up!

This is just and idea so it may just be a bad idea lol or it may already exist.

Feel free to give a opinion! :):)****

THIS. (I agree and I’m baffled how I must me missing something obvious… why were content tags + filtering removed in UE4?)

Why don’t you just rename the assets? If you are going to “tag” them seems the same amount of work to rename… in ue 4.18 i have renamed assets and it seems they fixed that old bug that renames them and it now fixes all references.

FWIW, you can put your assets into a collection, and then use “Tag=CollectionName” or “Collection=CollectionName” to search for them in the Content Browser.