Ability to launch NPCs after falling

Hello there!

I made a stomp mechanic for my game that basically makes the player come down very fast and kills an NPC when you step on his head.
Now I want to make something that will launch the NPCs (located in a small radius that surrounds the player) when you hit the ground after stomping.

I can launch the NPCs thanks to the Launch Character node, but I don’t know how to **activate the BoxCollision **only after coming down from a stomp.

Any help would be very much appreciated! (this is what I have now)

Instead of a premade collision component, use Sphere Overlap Actors. This will return an array of all actors overlapped for one frame when called.

You can set the location under your character and fire it with On Landed event.

On Landed returns the hit information so you can check if the hit was with an actor of your choosing. I’m a fan of using tags on different actors so I can use the Actor Has Tags function. You will need to cast the actor to at least a Character so that Launch can be used.