Ability to change parant class from outside

Hello there,

Lately I have been working some more with UE4(.10/.11/.12). And there is one big thing that I am missing right now, the abiltiy to reparant a class from outside the blueprints editor, because opening it will crash the editor. I ran into this problem because I deleted my C++ parent class but forgot to reparant my blueprint classes before deleting my C++ files. Luckely I just made myself a backup before I deleted these files. But I still think that this is a major issue. What I would like to see is the option that if you right click on a file you get a option to reparent.

  • Erik

The reparent blueprint class is already thereā€¦I dont have the editor handy so I cannot pitpoint the exact location within editor but i have definitely reparented a few classes already.

You can from inside the blueprints editor, but for me it is important to be able to do it from outside because of crashing the editor when opeing a non parranted blueprint

Why not add and empty parent class back?