Ability Based Battle Royale Project Mirage BR Needs a Team

Hello, all! My name is Will and I’m a recent Computer Science graduate trying to put off getting a real job as much as possible! With that in mind, I present to you the project I have been working on for the past year or so. Right now, the name is Mirage BR and is a third person “shooter” game that follows a similar layout as the other popular Battle Royale games. A big server full of players all drop onto one big island with nothing, and try to fight and scavenge to be the final survivor.

However, Mirage BR is different in its combat. Most Battle Royale games focus on mostly just guns and other projectile type of weapons. I wanted to bring a little twist of RPG elements into the genre, so each player has combat stats (attack, defense, etc.) and can have 3 Active Abilities picked up at a time along with as many unique Passive Abilities a player can find in a match. Players can have effects applied to them that either increase or decrease their stats (buffs and debuffs) and some Abilities even provide players with Crowd Control possibilities like stuns and roots. Everything is mix and match, so if you want to replace all your support Abilities with straight damage Abilities, that’s a possibility!

The news gets better! This isn’t just some hacked together idea with a 100 page Google Doc of some random game screenshots saying “I want my game to be this.”; I’m bringing a fully (I say fully but c’mon I’m sure it will still crash from time to time) functional multiplayer prototype to the table with a backend game service written in .NET.

Here’s a video of progress so far (me playing solo against really dumb bots):

Some features of this project:

  • Fully functioning multiplayer that can be player hosted or hosted on a dedicated server
  • Backend service that tracks accounts and login sessions, and even Player Unlocks (eventual DLC system)
  • Robust Ability system that easily allows designers to create a new Ability Blueprint in no time
  • Key rebinding system that saves your keybinds to your account settings in the database
  • Training Grounds mode that allows you to start a local version of the game with a menu that allows you spawn any Ability/Weapon and try them out on spawnable practice dummies

So for the team part. I’m trying to build a small community at first for this game of players and developers alike. Right now, I’ve been working solo for this entire project. But it’s time to quit being a loner and try to find a team. So here’s what I’m looking for:

  • **Playtesters (5/100) **- Right now, the target number of players per match is 100, so I’m far behind. Plus playtesters will get a bunch of in-game goodies that aren’t normally available (skins, etc.)
  • **Community Manager (1/1) **- I’m going to be honest, I’m a programmer, not a PR specialist. Anyone willing to help advertise, make announcements, moderate the Discord, etc. would be appreciated.
  • 3D Animator (0/1) - All characters use Epic’s base skeleton, so animations only need to be targeted to one rig and Abilities probably should have some animations tied to them lol.
  • **3D Artist (1/2) **- Not to high of a priority right now as I want to get as smooth a game as possible running just on starter content if I have to.
  • 2D Artist/Graphics Designer (0/1) - Also not a high priority, but my god does my programmer art UI look awful.
  • **Programmer (1/2) - **anyone willing to lend their C++ or Blueprint skills would be greatly appreciated

I don’t have the funds right now to pay up front for assets like I would love to, but I do come across some extra money from month to month so that I could pay team members a little something, so there’s possibility of little payment.

If after all this you’re interested, comment on here, DM me on here or join the Mirage BR Discord. If you feel the need, DM me on Discord too, my tag is Weel#6608

Don’t be scared to join! Even if you don’t have any development talent to contribute to this project, come be a playtester! It’s really fun! …well according to my one friend I’ve played it with :slight_smile:

Hello I think we can make a really good team because I love meeting new people and work with them and you are searching for someone to work for free (like me :D). I can work as 3d Material Designer, somehow Community Manager and obviously Gametester :D. I hope for contact!

Updated the number of members of the team so far. We’re still recruiting so drop on by our Discord!