Abilities: How to add HitResult to GamePlayEventData


I’ve been messing around with Abilities, and like most people I’ve been using the ActionRPG project to learn from. So far everything has been fine, but I seem to have hit a brick wall when it comes to passing extra information along with GamePlayEvenData. Possibly because I’m not grasping something fundamental, but anyway here’s what I was trying to do:

Inside the WeaponActor blueprint, OnActorBeginOverlap, where the Gameplay Event is sent to the overlapped (victim) actor along with its GamePlayEventData. I would like to somehow insert additional hit information along with this data, as in a hit location and direction, so I can use it at the other end (to choose from different hit reaction animations for instance), when it reaches the OnDamaged Event on the victim’s blueprint.

Everything else about this works fine but I’m stumped as to how to add this data to the event and pass it on from the point shown in the attached screenshot. I’ve tried sending it as a HitResult for example, via the context and target pins, but it never makes it out to the other end (the HitInfo pin on the OnDamaged event on the victim).

I’m probably doing something horribly wrong, or using the system incorrectly, but does anyone have any pointers?