Hey everyone!
This thread is to showcase our upcoming mobile game Abeytu!
Here’s the link to our reveal trailer! were showcasing about half of our features on here, with more to be showcased in the release of our commercial trailer!

The game was made by 2 students for their university capstone project! Instead of just doing a project to add to our portfolio, we decided to jumpstart our career and build a commercial game to be released on IOS and Android in May.

This was made 100% using Blueprints for coding, with close to no coding experience prior to starting this project! What an extremly powerful tool Blueprint is!
The concept for this game came from watching people playing “clicker” games (Tap titans, cookie clickers ect) and wondering what made that genre so succesful.
So we came up with a clicker meets tower defense game with concepts of risk vs reward.
The player has the regular click skill, as well as 3 other skills (Two finger click, swipe up, swipe right) that go on cooldown once used. During the cooldown, the player has a small window opportunity to use the skill again, similar to Gears of war Active reload concept, with a reseted cooldown should he hit before or after the active period. Everytime the player hits an “active reload”, he builds a combo multiplier, making each consequent attack more damaging.

If you liked what you saw, please give us a like on our official facebook channel, give us a retweet on Twitter, share the video around! We would be very grateful if you do :slight_smile:

Thanks to the community, the answerhub and forums were critical to making this game possible!
Oh and for those wondering, Abeytu means green leaf in Sioux. :slight_smile: