ABD: A Beautiful Day - Steam Game (Programmer, PR, Copywriting & Arts)

Hello Everyone,

ABD: A Beautiful Day, an MMORTS on Steam is looking to branch out! Currently, we operate on the Unity 5 Engine, which many programmers here on Unreal have experience with. The game is largely completed, what remains is a series of bug fixing and feature/module refinement. The project has run out of funding, and suffered a series of setbacks with programmers in the earlier stages of development. I have managed to salvage the project post-launch, but that required the game to be rebuilt. As it stands, there is a terminal bug restricting movement which then restricts any progress of gameplay.

I am looking for the following positions to be filled to continue the game.

Computer Science.

–Programmers (1-4+)
Experience working with Smartfox Servers, Amazon AWS Cloud Servers, Unity 5 & Unreal 3. Further requirements are going to be discussed with the former programmer to ensure a swift shift change, this section is to gauge interested parties.

Public Relations Department.

-Public Relation Officers (Forums)
Professional experience as a P.R.O., highly preferred to have experience with other areas of game development.

Duties include assistance with promotion, media, and direction of capabilities with crowd funding and written content for Steam.


–3D Generalists
Experience creating high-end, AAA content. Experience working for a RTS is a strong plus. Environment creation is a strong plus as well.

–Concept Artists
Experience with creating digital illustrations, matte painting, and a strong sense of form and negative space.

–Graphic Design
Duties include creation of assets for the website, promotions, crowd funding, and steam content.

–Video Editor
Duties include taking screenshots, game art, recordings (either captured yourself or from our footage) and other media for use in After Effects (or a preferred program for which you have licensing) to create trailers and promotional media.

Game information can be found here:


Please send me your resume, CV, and portfolio. Must be willing to sign an NDA, as well as a profit share agreement.

Nice Stuff its seems u plannig migrate from Unity5 to Ue4…

Eventually yes, but that’s a monster job in and of itself… Thank you, I’m proud of the work that was put in!

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Bumping - still looking.

Bumping again - found a couple solid people, looking for more.

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Bumping this again - still looking for programmers!