ABC Augmented Reality

Learning ABC Alphabet from A to Z in a new way with Augmented Reality Technology.
By downloading and installing ABC AR everybody can start learning ABC Alphabet with the most advance technology, by your phone, very nice and attractive for everybody at any age, it will be very interesting learning ABC with 3D objects and Augmented Reality.

You can download Flash Cards from this link :

Different looking to letters, words and objects in ABC AR is a helpful for you to remember them.

ABC AR is compatible with most mid and high phone hardware.

Using ABC AR is very simple with three steps:

1- Download ABC Flashcards from in app help menu. or
2- Print Flashcards.
3- Look at them with your phone.


More than 200 words and 3D objects.

Female and Male pronunciations for all words.

ABC AR will help anybody to learn and/or teach somebody ABC.

There’re multiple words for each letter do better understand.

No limit age to use.


iOS Coming Soon…




Raelly cool, just played with it… nice. Obsessed now with doing one… :slight_smile:

Cool idea and execution! What plugin did you use for AR in UE4 ?

Ok so now my gyro is locked on my android after use… all prior builds have my HMD’s for some reason rotating when i rotate my android in developermode, even if the cameras are set to lock 3rd person. What has happened? Not a happy camper right now… uninstalled. If this not the case with anyone else sorry but its the last thing I did before testing other stuff today… what did it affect in my camera internally? ****.

AMAZING How badly it has affected things… its gets worse. But I’ll let others mention it. I’m exhausted now. and gonna just probably wipe the phone and have samsung put a new os on it.

There’s a AR plugin on forum … UnrealAR…

What’s your phone model ? I tested on several Samsung devices include tablet and phone and everything was perfect, maybe your phone has another application that conflict to this one ?

Note 5 and I’m gonna have to install new OS. And that better fix it. If not… well. :slight_smile: How would something else affect it… the app goes straight to the guts of the Unreal folder on phone alongside any other unreal android build, and affects all other Unreal builds on phone even the ones prior by days and weeks. Some thing is way odd. And i am not happy one bit. And i advise EXTREME CAUTION anyone here who is doing DEV work.

I am not download app fan, meaning I dont use phone for playing pokeball or swat tacks or whatever, I dont even use as phone just unreal Dev work on gearVR i couldnt even say what apps are on there because I dont download any, this I did because is Unreal and AR related… now I am wishing I hadnt.

the only other possibility is that the 4.13 project test from the 4.13-2 somehow affected this and all my other prior builds on phone. What ever happened is Gyro related and an over ride somewhere. Because its affecting code related to Unreals camera.

getting dressed to go to Best Buy now and get new OS… had other plans, but.

So you tested against a Unreal Engine build on a basic 3rd person project and had no issues?
or you just mean you have no gyro related issues on your phone or tablet?

BTW, i removed all my builds cleaned the folders etc. nothing left and uploaded a new build… still happens… what ever happened happened with this APP, and has affected my gyro inside phone with unreal. As is i am terrified to put into gearVR headset, not sure of what it would do to it… it even goes as far as to affect goign into the occulus mainpage in dev mode you always had to use gamepad to look around outside of HMD, not now… i can aim phone around at Occulus main menus… SOMETHING IS WRONG.

VERY UNHAPPY… if it turns out something else cool apology is in order.
for now… very very angry.

WOWWWWWWWWW, Its something very odd, My gyro on my both phone and tablet is works fine,
When i making this app, at same time i working on another app for my client and it was a VR project and everything works great together, I’ve both app on my phone now and also so many other apps, everything works fine…
I test app on at least 10 devices before publishing to store and all devices are working fine now …
Also i didn’t receive any issues by users, you’re the first and it seems something happened to your device …
I’m sure that not related to this app because from technical view its a very simple app that check for markers every tick…
This app only use gyro by default setting of engine for landscape orientation not more…
What’s affect of this app on other unreal build ? I’ve at least 6 unreal build app from different UE4 versions on my phone all works together good.
Do you have any 4.13-2 on your device ? As mentioned maybe something wrong with that, this app is built by 4.12.2 … and I’ve two other apps with this version on my phone and also I’ve app built by 4.10.x and 4.9.x or even lower version.

Did you try to restore default your phone ?

Yes i tested with many unreal build app include 3rd person, strategic sample by Epic, and so many others that built by me or epic on my phone…

I don’t have any issues, no gyro problem , no camera problem …

don’t be angry, i believe something very simple happened … we will fix it …

Edit :
If you can install any other VR app from store it’s good to see is your gyro ok with them … or it’s just ue4 related problem…

the freaky thing is this camera set up was locked forward over character shoulder. it still had boom movement but the independent head roataion was not built in.

Also oddly the same cmd code for getting video out from android is not happy with the 4.13-2 run. the video is broken and corrupted. so i have no 4.13-2 which acts the exact same way visually.

and unless someone came in room opened my desk took out phone and hit it real hard i don’t know what might have done this… never dropped it… this all just happened. it gets very little use sad to say.

I tested some 3apps outside of occulus cederpoint, insidious and titans of space in dev mode seem to be ok gyro wise.

I did alot of the occulus ones in dev mode and had mixed results.
mostly they all the weird edges and has a staccato effect. gyro work mainly on some not at all. ill send ya details in pm.

have you made a 4.13-2 gearvr build 3rd p and seen what that might do on your end yet?

Thanks William , I searching for reason … I’ll post here asap …
I don’t have 4.13 …

As I talk to William, It seems problem on his device was not from ABC AR…