Abandoned Villa

Hi Everyone,
My name is Magdalena and I’m a student based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I wanted to share with you my latest scene that is a part of my hounours project, a final assessment at my course.
This is a game environment for an exploration game.
As a part of this assessment I need to gather feedback and reflect critically on my work.
That is why I wanted to ask for your opinion. If you have any comments good or bad regarding this scene I would be very grateful.







Whoop whoop a fellow Scot :smiley:

Overall your scene looks really nice, great work! One thing for future, would be to bring in some more variation in repeating textures, to make the repetition less obvious (like the stain glass or wooden paneling). I’d look into how you can do hue shifts and manipulatioins inside the Material editor, so you don’t need to create more hand painted textures. Variation tends to add more interest to the eye and helps the environment feel more natural :slight_smile:

Really liking the art nouveau theme. I could sit and stare out those windows for days. :slight_smile:


IMO it is just way too clean, abandoned or not, there should be some mess and dirt :slight_smile: also i would add some more little assets such as paintings, newspaper on the table, etc.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: Your comments are very helpful and will definitely help me to create better scenes in the future.

Floating dust particles would’ve made it look more believable that it was abandoned seeing as it’s a closed off space. Also it seems like no one’s ever lived in it before as opposed to being abandoned. Some personal belongings and mess would perhaps indicate someone lived there.

This is also my personal opinion, but I think the bloom is too strong. Maybe some godrays/lightshafts through the skylight (window on the ceiling) would look better.

P.S. did Gregory switch to 3ds max?? We were only taught Maya >_<

Are you using a static directional light? Switch to a stationary one so you can get nicer lighting.

Thank you!
Gregory is still teaching Maya, but I use 3ds max, that is my personal preference, I just like it more.

I am using stationary direct light. I find creating good lighting really challenging. I hope that I can achieve better results next time.

Beautiful work, I love the colors! =)

To make it look more abandoned, you could add some dust particles like jakayaki said and add some dirt or wear decals on the walls to add some variation to the repeating patterns.

The overall scene looks great, gj :wink:

Did you make some changes in the world settings options ? If not, try to change some values, let’s try by example…

‘Lightmass’ settings in World Settings Options (‘Settings’ then ‘World Settings’)

static lighting level scale: 0.10
num indirect lighting bounces: 10
lighting quality: 4
lighting smoothness : 1.2

Of course your rendering time would increase a lot :wink:

Thank you! @macoll I am aware of increased render times :slight_smile: Although I am not a very patient person I will give it a try, with the settings you suggested :slight_smile: