Abandoned room scene

Hey all!
I made a quick scene, nothing advanced, to try and up my lighting game abit. I wanted to share it with you guys :slight_smile:
I feel that I can definitely work more on the fog. I also need to be better at adjusting the AO and overall shadows. Would love some more feedback!

Links for higher res: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

I approve! :smiley:

I guess you should work more on details, because currently, it looks really empty.

Fantastic Work on your scene Andrew! I really like how the paint on the walls really lets us know just how long that room has been abandoned. Keep up the fantastic work and i hope to see more your work in future projects!

The textures and the lighting really sell what you’ve created. I really like it! My favorite one, I think, is the fourth one from the top. :slight_smile:

Really nice lighting! Keep it up!

Really nice .

Thank you for the kind words everyone!
@dtx12: Yes you are right, would love to fill it with all kind of stuff. But the main goal of the project was to practice my lighting skills.

The lighting is looking good.

My complaint would be that you crank up the ambient occlusion too much.
you have these extreme dark lines, almost black lines in every corner of your rooms. which also makes it all seems pretty “blocky”

anyway, keep up the good work.

Nice, i like it

Good start.
Also joining to advice: add more details.

^some random photo