Abandoned lab blockout

Hey guys,
Here are some pictures of the block out of my first map “abandoned lab”,it’s a 1v1 DM.
At the end i also added some panel designs.
Any feedback, hint,tips,tricks,… are very welcome.

ss’s of the blockout:

and some panneldesigns:
personally i like the 2 upper ones the most but maybe they need more detail?
under the 3th panel there are 2 other vent designs for the 3 th panel but maybe those are a bit too complicated for the tiling.

Hey, I added som extra pannel Designs and some final designs hope you guys like it.


Hey guys,I made some props for my level any feedback on them would be appriciated. :slight_smile:
I probably will upload some more soon.

Nice progress.
Do you the whole high- to lowpolybakingstuff for your meshes?

Looking good so far, don’t forget to set your lights to static for faster build speeds and getting rid of these annoying red crosses.
Love to see the progress on this one.

Btw, are you a fellow DAE’r perhaps?

nope, those are made kind of lowpoly (no chamfer over all the edges, but some circular meshes have more ploys because otherwise the streching of when you make they polys sqaures to fit your UVmapping will distort too obviously) and then unwrapped over 1 trim, so no baking :p.

and for the other question and gr8 tip bout lights ;D yeah I am a fellow DAE’er :slight_smile: