Abandoned house / Interior (Living room + kitchen)

Hello there!
This is house of a man who died 39 years ago in 1976.
And here everything is left as it was.

It will soon be available on Trello voting board, so you can use the creepy interior for your horror projects or something else.

The project contains:

  • 34 unique models
  • 60 shaders
  • 164 textures (from 512 to 4096 pixels)

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.


Wow! Very nice. Perfect soundtrack. Creepy.
“This is house of a man who died 39 years ago in 1976.” Yeah? What’s the story on that?

Does it have an exterior? Very small environment for a player to be trapped in. Looks good though.

This is my legend, based on a true story. There was a man who had no family or friends, he died alone.

Cool idea but poorly implementation. You say up to 4k textures, really? And kitchen? All I can see is couple of cube mesh with handles and low resolution textures and poor unwrapping. I sound harsh but I want to keep Unreal marketplace a place of quality. Not like Unity asset store where is no what so ever quality control. No vote from me!