Abandoned Gas Station

Hi all! I just wanted to share you my WIP UE4 environment. It my first time using the engine so I´m kind of n00b still :). So the goal here is to make abandoned gas station scene where I can learn how to use Unreal Engine and hopefully get some good looking results. I also want to do everything by myself to really learn more about everything.

Exterior Shots:

Interior Shots:

So far I have used 5 months of my free time with it (weekends only). I have very solid idea about the scene where I want to go with it. Under you can see the block out.

So basically there would be three interior places (diner, small shop and garage) and a semi large exterior area with a lot of overgrown vegetation. So far diner interior is somehow done and I started to make the exterior parts.

My weapons for this one are 3ds max for modeling, ZBrush for detailing, Xnormal for baking, Substance Designer/Painter and Photoshop for texturing, Marmoset Toolbag2 for fast previewing.

Here are some shots about the hi-poly vegetation. I modeled them all in max and baked camera space normal. For base colors I just heavily used basic gradients and noises that max have and baked them as well. So far I got the small foliage done. Trees and other bigger assets are still at the WIP stage.

As for the materials, I have few master materials like the one that I use with props, another that is blending the ground stuff (see under), foliage material, material for transparent stuff like glass.

I made a pretty big set of different props that I´m using to set dress the whole scene. Here is a small shot of that as well. They are very optimized so I can use a lot of them and I also used a lot of texture atlases so I could combine those models into different sets that I can place in my scene + can save draw calls.

So long story short; everything is still very WIP so C&C are more than welcome.

Has a good flavor to it, the layout looks like the gas station from black ops 2 zombies… (then again im not sure how many ways you can do a gas station / diner)

I like scenes a lot. It is very AAA worthy! I have to wonder though, what do you plan to do as a full project? I can see you being able to push a good looking title in a years time.

I’m a noob by most standards but you and your skills certainly could get you somewhere. Unreal Engine isn’t hard… it’s just a lot to remember. You’ll pick it up quick with your skill set.

It’s off to a great start. Can’t wait to see the finished scene. Keep it up! =)

Got some time this weekend to do some props and playing with decals. Slowly getting forward with this one.

Sorry for my lack of updates. Been really busy @ work and used all my free time making more foliage stuff into this project. Reading more UE4 documentation and testing different lighting setups. I also made pretty fast World Machine landscape there too. I´m planning to make very detail post mortem breakdown when I got everything done. Useful for me to sit down and write stuff about my mistakes and different solutions that I came up during the project. Maybe even but the whole scene out at some form. There´s a lot of textures and generic foliage stuff to share.

Here is the latest shots:

C&C are welcome.

Nice work so far! I’m curious how you are doing the cracked pavement. I’m guessing it’s layered materials with vertex paint but maybe you could talk a little about your setup. I’m working on a scene that has cracked pavement and I’m still thinking of different ways to do it. Also, did you make the textures? I’m thanks, keep up the good work!

Thanks! I tested few setup actually. First I modeled different broken ground pieces and then modeled a looping asphalt texture in ZBrush. It looked bad so I ended up using some time to build the textures in Substance Designer and using just a simple ground model with a simple topology that is dense enough for good vertex painting. Good thing about Substance Designer is that since it´s fully procedural it was very easy to get different asphalt textures out of it so I used two different looping asphalt textures.

Then on top of that I made a simple moss material that is controlled by vertex color but it also use the asphalt height information for better blending. Then there´s also water layer that is also controlled by vertex color. It´s very complex material but it covers so much area so it´s worth it :slight_smile: Asphalt materials is using parallax mapping because my system is too old to support dx11. I´m planning to put this into the market place when it´s done so people can see what I did.

This looks beautiful! :eek:

This is really cool :slight_smile: very nice also that unreal now highlights good stuff from the forum in the launcher, you deserve the highlight.

Thanks! Wow didn´t know about that Pic of the Day.

Amazing work kimmokaunela!

It’s amazing! Nice work :wink:

Reminds me of the Fallout 4 main menu screen… I absolutely love it!!!

Found on the launcher’s pic of the day! Congrats :slight_smile:
You are doing an amazing job mate. Love it.

Sorry for my lack of updates. Been really busy making it better. I tweaked almost every aspect of it. I also started to make the final camera animation for it. Here is a fast sneak peak. http://i.imgur.com/hJazfv1.jpg

Here are the latest shots:

Thanks so much for the reply! Really good information and I think it looks great! Parallax mapping is really awesome, I was testing it out with some forest textures and man it makes things really pop!

It´s finally done! Here is more better looking shots: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xmkwW Making of can be found here: http://kimmokaunela.esy.es/lfi05.html Thanks all of you for important feedback and I hope you have had as much fun following this project as I had making it. I will capture a video at some point and then put the whole project to Gumroad for free so people can download it and send me some hate mail :slight_smile:

Just want to let you know that this project is now done.

That looks amazing, you really have some talent!