Abandoned City

Hey all. This is my first scene with foliage assets :slight_smile:

I want to know your advices!
Kaan Öztüzün

I really like the general layout it definitly feels like a city. However I think the buildings seem to clean for a ruin and over the top mossy.(for example its not stained by rain, theres no damage[no smashed glass, missing bricks etc]) and i’m not quite sure on the lighting.(the fire looks lovely), but the general lighting seems quite normal(which is fine if that is what you really want), but maybe a darker tone would be nice, with some thicker fog?

Anyway thats all the faults I can see and the level looks good overall :D.

Some advice: A quick grunge map overlay would make the buildings look alot more ruined with minimal efforts.

I would think that in an abandoned city, the brick building no the right wouldn’t be looking so clean :stuck_out_tongue: Other than that, looks good :slight_smile:

Thank you for advices guys! :slight_smile: I’ll update the image as soon as possible.