Abandoned Cave - Where are the people? [image heavy]

Hi guys,
I want to show you my ‘almost’ finished game environment project - to be a bit more precise my bachelor thesis.
Long time I was just a 3d/game enthusiast doing 3d art in my spare time. Aside this I am a student at a school for graphic design with the focus on typography and corporate design and most of the students are pretty happy with this. Of course - they decided to study it … and there are me and few others who specialize on ‘digital media’ or what is called here at school hypermedia ~

Short story long - I do my bachelor thesis in (game) environment art.
At the moment I am almost done with the process, but there is still a lot to do. Some game logic here, animations there and two complete ares are left.
I hope I get everything done in the next month :smiley:

First of all I want to show you my whiteblocking of the environment - so you can see the initial concept.



And now my current state.







I could post a lot of more pictures, but I’ll show you the most prominent places of my environment. I’ll post periodically some updates and I hope you like my work so far :smiley:
In case you want to see more, especially videos of the environment, feel free to visit my instagram and/ or twitter. I would post them here, but at the moment I am at home and I don’t have the files locally to upload them.


Please feel free to critique me. Thanks :slight_smile: