I am trying to get the streaming level that an actor belongs to. This is a fixed actor - not movable. Seems less obvious that I assumed.

I have tried using AActor:GetLevel() but that seems to return with the Persistent Level only regardless of which streaming level it actually belongs to. It should be possible since when I unload, UE certainly does know which actors to unload.

I can’t use a tag or blueprint the actor, as I have hundred’s of actors to test, at any point in time, so maybe I am missing a function somewhere - anyone can help ?


Interestingly I was attempting to use that very feature and found out the same problems just an hour ago.

Looking online it seems this question has been asked a few times before and there was never a proper solution, only workarounds.
So I’m guessing there’s no real easy solution aside from finding out which streaming volume your actors location is inside (unreliable since it could be inside 2 overlapping volumes)

You could either:
Ask it in the answers section where Unreal devs are likely to respond (they’ll obviously know better than anyone)
Post a bug report in the answers section if you think this really is a bug.