AAARGH! - Editor is bugged - help!


Today i’ve started up the editor - 4.12.5 - and my context menu has stopped working.

I can right click + drag to move around the blueprints, and the mouse itself works perfectly. When I right click as I usually would to get the context menu the title bar changes colour but the menu won’t appear.

ALSO - just spotted, none of the file,edit,window,help menus work either.

The menus all work in other engine versions.

I had a power cut/force shutdown yesterday - maybe some settings have become corrupt?


Actually - 4.13 doesn’t work but 4.10 does.

SOLVED - It was a stupid windows 10 update. Rolled back and it works again - probably worth Epic looking into it.

Yeah, I’m having the same issue too, you should’ve posted on answer hub. :rolleyes:

The Windows Update do a lot of things. I have problems with my Blueprint Editor and the contextmenue. After a few searches in it, it slows down a lot. And a lot is until I have 1.8 fps. :smiley: But I cant rollback my Windows. So it would be nice if Epic take a look into.

Yeah, i’m totally screwed now. Windows made me do 2 updates in a row - now I can’t roll back so I can’t actually use the editor. Just going through the process of backing up all my files - it was time I did it anyway - for a system reinstall, this time not on the insider build programme.

Really irritated with windows for forcing the updates - actually as I was working! Now i’ve lost about 6 hours of my day to this nonsense. You might say I shouldn’t have been using the insider builds on my main PC but it’s been pretty good for me up until now.

Just hoping I can reinstall windows 10 with no problems!

Situations like these are way I’ve stayed with Windows 7