AAA Quality VR/AR, 2D/3D Anim VFX SFX LD and Code services for hire!

So now that we’ve got UI covered, how about 3D character modeling? We can handle that too! This is a character we created for a mobile game project - so whether it’s PC or mobile, we’re ready to get to work! Tell us more about what you have in mind!

Happy Monday! Here’s a closeup of the MP7A1 SMG for you! We love modeling weapons, characters, you name itLet us know what you have in mind!


Hope everyone is staying safe out there! Here’s an example from a level design project we worked on! If you’re in need of LD or backend programming / development, 3D characters - you name it! We’re here to help! [EMAIL=“”]**Let us know what you have in mind. **

We’re always excited to jump into a new world and accelerate a project to get into the hands of players! This environment is from one of our projects called Fractured Veil, a post-apocalyptic Hawaii with a few leftovers from the world before.[EMAIL=“”]** Let us know what you are working on and how we can help! **

Was watching an old movie and saw a striker shotgun and couldn’t help but think of our model [sketchfab]caf04f4e3db94c479285065fbc3a202e[/sketchfab]

We finally got around to putting together a reel of our recent work and wanted to share some of the cool projects we’re a part of! If you are on the hunt for an external development partner, [EMAIL=“”]we’re ready to get crackin!

Sometimes we have clients that come to us looking for help with full development of their game and other times, its for 3D models and characters. This project needed a CB Radio! Whatever you’re after we’re ready to get started! [EMAIL=“”]Let us know what you have in mind!

Whenever we get a chance to work on modes of transportation, we get really excited. Modeling planes, trains and automobiles is a lot of fun, especially when you are setting them up and showing them off in Sketchfab! Drop us a line and let us know if you’re needing a stunning 3D model or an environment, code work or starting from the beginning with concepts. We can help you if you’re starting from scratch or heading towards lift off. [EMAIL=“”]**Let us know! **


We’ve been handling full game development for a project called Fractured Veil for years now and recently opened it up for closed-alpha testing. This shot is from a playtest when players used their imagination and built a tower using the wood and thatch materials they crafted! If you need help crafting your game or level or characters, we’re here to help!

**Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll get started putting together an estimate for you! **](

Was going through some of our concepts and want to throw it back to one of our first full game development project - Empathy. It was a great experience from start to finish and we’re so proud of how it turned out. If you want us to create some stunning concepts or code or characters, [EMAIL=“”]let us know!

sent an email about coding service yesterday! regards

Haven’t mentioned it in a while, but we love being a part of UI / UX / HUD / GUI projects! [EMAIL=“”]Let us know if you need a help menu or a slick overlay for your project.

An early concept from a project we’re working on shows how far we’ve come in the development of the game! We’re ready to get started with our clients on day or day 100! [EMAIL=“”]Let us know what you’re working on!

Happy Friday! If you haven’t taken a look at our recent reel of work this ones for you and if you happen to need some help with what you’re working on**[EMAIL=“”] let us know!**

It’s safe to say we have equal amounts of fun creating hyper realistic human characters as we do modeling and animating futuristic space dudes like this guy, so if you’ve got something in mind, chances are we want to help you make it! [EMAIL=“”]**Let us know what you’re working on! **


With Halloween around the corner, we’re running towards candy and costumes like Big Bob is running after players in a project we’re working on called Fractured Veil. If you want to design a creepy character or a furry friend, [EMAIL=“”]let us know what you have in mind!

We love working on commercial apps / projects and using Unity or Unreal to make clients happy! Since COVID-19 hit last year, one of our clients asked us to expand the inventory of online playset configurators so that families can design their dream playsets from the safety of home. If you are in need of a product or app that harnesses the power of game engines for commercial use, let us know [EMAIL=“”]

Added some fresh eye candy to the OP and unveiled our new logo :slight_smile: We’re close to launching our new website and can’t wait to share it with you guys. In the meantime, here’s some cyber punk inspired concepts we made for a happy client. If you’re in need of concepts or have a level that needs to be designed,** [EMAIL=“”]let us know! **

Last year, we were proud to work on 3D models for Predator Hunting Grounds creating tractors, buildings and other models around the world. If you’re in need of stunning 3D models, let us know what you have in mind!](

We just launched our new website earlier this year and have been adding plenty of projects to the project section. Check it out!