AAA Quality Shotgun Asset Packs from Ironbelly Studios

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The American Classic 870 is for SALE on the Marketplace:

The Striker Shotgun is now for SALE on the Marketplace:


The Benelli SuperNova Shotgun is now for SALE on the Marketplace:


Check out the demos:

- YouTube The Ironbelly Striker Demo - UE4 - YouTube

**FAQ’S: **

  1. Are the first person arms compatible with the Epic standard rig?
    Yes, there is an extra bone that won’t transfer over but also won’t cause any trouble or errors. The arms are also interchangeable with any weapon pack purchased from IB.

  2. Will you be releasing other weapons in 3-packs? Yes- we’ve gotten some feedback from folks that purchase one weapon before we’ve released a 3-pack. We completely understand and are working hard to get the 3-packs up as quickly as possible to give you more options. We are also adding all kinds of good stuff in the 3-packs like extra animations, attachments and extra functionality with future updates planned that include texture variations!

*3. Are the animations in the demo the same that are available in the weapon pack? *
Yes, the blueprint folder in the weapon packs has the same animations we show off in the demo video.

4. Can the weapons be used in 3rd person?
We include 3 LOD meshes of each weapon so you could just use LOD2 and reduce the texture resolution and/or simplify the shader for your third person game.

All of the Ironbelly asset packs come with First Person Arms, are fully rigged with 5 animations, 4K textures (Base Color, Metalness, Roughness, Normal Map, Ambient Occlusion), multiple LODs and separate meshes perfect for customization. If you are trigger happy like us and looking for Ultra High AAA Quality Pistols, we’re live up on the Marketplace:

Here’s the full list of shotguns we’re working hard on:

Take a shot and reply with thoughts on which of the above you’d want to be released first, or included in a 5-pack!

And of course, if you need a custom model, rig, animation, or anything else, swing on by and hit us up via our contact form or directly request a quote from


Looking at the marketplace as well as other sources I feel that weapons should be sold as individual packages as to the demands for both quality as well as value added features.

The issue I feel is the main problem is repetitive elements with in a packed price asset where the one thing you do want also includes a bunch of stuff you really don’t want or need. It’s like how music use to be sold where you have to by the expensive CD to get the one track you want instead of the 99 cent price you can purchase off I tunes.

So my vote would be 1 weapon per package and to your benefit the shelf life would be longer as more and more combo-packages appear making it tougher to justify the purchase cost.

Besides an assets that is art novates impulse purchases just like I purchased the M1A4, I have more than a few M4’s thank you very much, and if this shotgun looks as sexy as your other products I would buy it just to have it. :wink:

Hey FrankieV! Thanks for the feedback, that’s really good stuff to hear. Certainly every weapon will be available individually, for those who want to go the “itunes” method of single song (er, gun) purchasing. Packs are a mix of bulk discount and a lower ‘purchase’ barrier.

The shotguns will certainly look sexy, we have some badass PBR wizards over here that sit up into the wee hours of the night meticulously going over these weapons looking for ways that we can make them more realistic than anything people are used to seeing in AAA games but at a price that indies can afford. Bit by bit we’re leveling the playing field for all of the underdogs in this industry! :slight_smile:

Well I did give you a thumbs up on your 44 and I purchase the 9mm as well but as feedback the overall quality at their current price is more than fair once one takes into consideration the time saving value added additions. As a content artists I’m always on the look out for assets that I can use to fill out the holes in my kit and as an animator always looking for the bargain matched animations, with fair use licensing, just as a painter would shop for paint but have no real use for at the moment. Over the years of collecting that’s a lot of stuff. :wink:

As a perspective and as the team animator the first thing I did was to rip the animations to FBX, imported into Motion Builder, and retargeted the animation data to our custom player rig which took all of about 20 minuets. As you probably know this is a HUGE time saving as to the requirement of implementation based on you making the package for $14.99 and me having to sped an equal amount of time duplicating the level of quality. Overall I’m rather encourage to see that the time saving requirements is starting to show up.

By the way nice touch adding the 1st person hands. :wink:

These are the type of assets I’ve been advocating for in Marketplaces that sell content to the masses for years.

I desire Entities in my game to appear unique in someway and I believe high quality Assets designed to be customized (modular, interchangeable, extensible) can achieve this. Thus, I only purchase modular asset packs. I’ve been patiently waiting for 3D Asset Authors to release customization-ready 3D Entities such as Characters, Weapons, Vehicles, etc.

We’re starting to see new collaborations between Artist and Programmers like (RBrown & Nightasy) and (Almighty_ gir & Kashaar) Teaming-up to create Modular 3D Assets and Blueprint-based Assembly Systems for complete plug & play Content Management Systems. I predict other Content Artist producing supplemental Parts Packs compatible with pre-existing assets for such systems. Even if its a specialized asset, supplemental add-ons would help Devs like me.

Modular Entities + Supplemental Parts Packs + Embedded-able Assembly Applications = A Paradigm Shift in what and how content is produced for the Marketplace.

It took over 10 years, but, FINALLY… Content Authors are hearing my pleads. I truly appreciate Content Authors who understand Game Developers like me. So Please take my money. Thank you.

Oh and P.S.

If next time you value add a set of female hands I would not think twice even if I need the shotgun or not as we are in need of a realllyyyy nice set of female hands and then we can finish kitting out our weapon selection.

Yep, we had a collaboration of sorts on these weapons, although it was a bit one sided as we took the lead to make sure everything we make is 100% compatible and tested with Kubold’s very popular animation pack. We are also in discussions with some upcoming SFX and VFX packs to get everything setup and tested there. But moving forward we are definitely open to any collaborators that want to chat about getting our weapon library into their packs.

You’ll be happy to know that work on the hands is well underway already, what color nail polish were you looking for?

Here’s a general update on the shotgun, retopo work is done, and basic textures have been created. Still a long ways to go getting the rest of the textures made and applied but it’s coming along

Well a value added must have is gloves both finger and fingerless. Gets rid of the flesh on metal look and makes it easier to hide the clipping.

Hi sir ironbelly.
Exiting meshwork.
Can you tell me please, how long in workhours it takes, to make such a shotgun for example, from scratch to final, with all the “bling bling” you add?
best regards.

Ok, we’ve got everything setup in a nice HDRI background and things are pretty much wrapped up on this shotty, hoorah!
@Luftbauch, in response to your question our weapons typically take anywhere from 60-120 hours to complete including the UE4 and Animation work

can we have a set of weapons complete with animations, bullet physics and so on? you know, just to place it as actor in the games we make?

These are great ideas/features for future packs that we will consider and work into the pipeline, including sound fx. We’re still working hard on getting more shotguns ready for the marketplace, including this Supernova, shown here:

Very nice Shotgun so far :wink:

Thanks Luftbauch, here is some more eye candy as the high poly is now complete and ready for it’s retopo


Sorry for the delayed reply, just have missed it earlier.
Our plan will be to roll out exactly what you describe, but first we want to focus on getting as many AAA weapons out as possible and then we will systematically go through and add more value to them in terms of by VFX, SFX and physics systems

When 007´s gun is “Goldfinger”, then your Shotgun is “Silverarm”!

A fun little image where to show our attention to detail with the real Supernova shotgun in the background, ours in the foreground (still not done, but every bit has its place!)

I am SUPER excited by this shotgun…It may be my favorite model we’ve made so far. I love how heavy it looks. Certainly not what you want to see when someone kicks your door in (then again, I don’t know what I WOULD want to see when someone kicked my door in. Maybe like… a team of models carrying one of those giant sweepstakes checks?)

We’re working hard on the Striker shotgun and wanted to share a low poly textured shot as we refine and get it ready for the Marketplace:

We are going to strike while the iron is hot with the Striker :slight_smile: It’s coming a long nicely and will be up in the Marketplace in early 2016!