AAA Quality GameDevelopment / LevelDesign Studio for Metaverse Projects and Games

Hey I am Fabian Grundmann CEO of NeoxEntertainment

I help companies to build their unique Metaverse Games like First / Third Person Games or also Virtual Shops and Exhibitions. If needed I am able to take over the full responsibility from building the team using full time developers of my company or also trusted freelancers from my network like this I will lead the project to success and you don’t need to waste time coordinating the project and finding reliable freelancers anymore because you only have one contact person.

For me games are so much more than just a waste of time. You can connect people globally and also earn passive income and create jobs with crypto games.

So it’s clear that over the time I have worked on many different Games like 3D Shooters / Simulations / VR Games / Crypto Games and also on Movies in Unreal Engine.

My Services have a wide Range from Development to Level Design and custom 3d models. This is only possible because of my network of employees but also freelancers who are professionals in their areas and help me with my clients’ projects. Like this I can easily also coordinate bigger projects.

I also would be very happy to help you to realize your dream of a own Game / Metaverse

Write me a DM on Discord (Fabuman2000#1960)
or a Mail to

If you want to learn more about me