AAA Quality FPS Pistol Asset Pack from Ironbelly Studios

Update Nov 11, 2015

We’re Live in the Marketplace Store! Check out the .44 Magnum Pistol at: and all of our assets at Every gun we make comes with a set of first person arms, fully rigged, animated, and compatible with Kubold’s Animset!

A question Ironbelly Studios gets fairly often from people who see our for hire thread (AAA Quality VR/AR, 2D/3D Anim VFX SFX LD and Code services for hire! - Looking For Work? - Unreal Engine Forums is can we sell you some of our existing assets to use or modify in your project? GOOD NEWS EVERYONE - Soon you can!

We’ve got 5 pistols we’re cleaning up for general consumption. As they get finished you’ll be able to purchase them individually or when they’re all done as a 3 or 5 pack of guns from the Unreal Marketplace.
They are:

  • 44 Magnum
  • Beretta M9
  • TT-33
  • G18
  • Desert Eagle .50

**Each model will comes with 4K textures for stunning detail and multiple LODs for those who need performance. Every moving part is separately modeled, allowing you to easily animate everything from the trigger to the safety.

As a bonus, the assets will also come with a set of first person arms, fully rigged, animated, and compatible with Kubold’s Animset Pro (Pistol Animset Pro in Animations - UE Marketplace).

This thread will track the progress of the Pistols, and pretty soon we’ll have a thread up in the Marketplace forum as well for the ones that are finished. I’ll update both threads with the finished assets as well.

Without further adieu, I bring you our WIP for the 44 Magnum in the style of S&W Model 29. You know it as “The Dirty Harry Gun” or “The most powerful handgun in the world.” I call it Susan.

Got something special you need done? We’re always ready to help bring your vision to life, be it a high quality gun asset or something a little less deadly. Come check us out at!

Today’s update: The 44 Mag is coming along swimmingly. We’ve got the high poly version below, no textures obviously. They’ll be here soon enough! Very happy with how this is shaping up though.

Wow, looks really great!

You plan on doing a rig for it?

Very Nice, Very Clean, congrats…

Any way you’re interested in joining an Early Access Team that hasn’t really begun but has alot of promise, obvious a maybe or no up-front would be in order, but do you have plans or would you be interested in joining a team at some point?
I model and paint weapons and skins as well, so possibly joining forces for my game i’m starting-up very soon would be enjoyable and worth-while?

The first person arms and gun will be fully rigged with animations.

@MikeMckeon77 - Sadly we’re only interested in paid opportunities at this time. Good luck though!

Progress is made! Our artists whipped up some amazing textures, then had fun taking some ‘action’ shots. The final large format version will go up soon, along with a thread up in the Marketplace forum of course!

We’ve submitted the 44 mag to the marketplace. Will be taking some final renders soon for posting here and the marketplace thread!

Still in the pipeline for approval, but here’s some final renders, including the first person arms that come free with the pack!

I’ll post some more in a day or two as well :slight_smile: Very excited to get these onto the marketplace!

Looking down the barrel of a hot-leaded 45… er 44.

Pull the hammer back, go ahead…

Right to “bare” arms!

As the original post now says, we’re live! Go get your very own 44 Magnum… virtually speaking. Animated FPS 44 Magnum Weapons Pack in Weapons - UE Marketplace

Also, of course, a little more eye candy - the breakway of all the 44 Magnum parts!

nice. my compliments. where is the ratchet?