AAA Quality - Creative 2D and 3D Artist For Hire

We are offering AAA Quality character, environment, gun, and props 2D and 3D packs on the Unreal Engine for game developer or creative industry.

NIHILO Design Studio is an creative game art outsourcing company that produces gaming assets from the designing stage (2D Concept) to finished 3D product, with AAA quality and efficient price.

NIHILO plays an active role as a partner in developing your IP by providing the best services for advancement.

NIHILO formed by people who have a passion for digital art and is committed to giving positive value to the progress of creative industry through digital visual entertainment services from primary to advance especially concept art, visual effects, from 2D to 3D animation.

Our Services
2D : Concept art and Illustration
3D : Organic, Hardsurface Modelling and Texturing

These are advantages of using our service : AAA quality, speed, and moderate price. We have fresh creativity and adaptable to many styles. We have an efficient working strategy, which enables us to work in fast pace.
In terms of budgeting, we have reasonable price and always open for negotiation.

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Attached below is some of our portfolios.

Machine Pistol Concept.jpg

Astral Magic.jpg

Iron Space.jpg