AAA Quality - 2D & 3D For Hire (Character, Environment, and Props)

We are NIHILO Design Studio. We are a game asset production team that produces variant-style artworks, from designing stages (2D) to finished products (3D), by emphasizing on good manner of service, AAA quality products and efficient pricing.

We plays an active role as a partner in developing your IP by providing the best services for advancement. We can negotiate to fit your budget and also give discounts to ensured long-term opportunities. We helps game developers, filmmakers, and other creative industries to improve visual art quality for their projects.

We deals practically in particular works including :

A. Various Concept Art, which includes :
Character, Environment, Vehicle, Mechanical Stuff (Guns, Props, etc)
B. 3D Modelling
We create ideas ranging from sketches, 2D to 3D completion.
C. Ilustration
Card game, Tabletop game, Matte painting, Promotional artworks, etc.

We have specializations in:

  1. Visual Design
  2. Concept Artist
  3. Character Artist
  4. Background Modeller
  5. Texture Artistes
  6. 3D Modeler

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Attached below are some of our portfolio :






Machine Pistol Concept.jpg

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