AAA Programmer - Freelance


  • C++ Programmer for 10 years
  • Infrastructure and large scale networking
  • Game security
  • Gameplay features
  • Engine programming
  • Mathematical modeling

Previous Work:
The Elder Scrolls Online - R&D programmer :

  • Memory pools and lockless structures
  • Net layer of the client and servers
  • Complete system features from backend to tools
  • Code generation for game data
  • Security system to prevent hackers/bots from being a nuisance

Indie stuff too, check out my resume for more information.


E-mail: PM please
Skype: maitrelame2

Additional Information:

  • Online only.*]Cannot travel.

If you want me to work on something math related, that is you have some whitepapers and want me to implement what’s in them, give me a week or two to go through the white papers to give an estimate.

Serious replies only please.

I added you on Skype :smiley:

Added you on skype :smiley: