AAA+ Professional 3D artist / Characters /Environments /Assets For UE4

Good evening , currently im looking only for paid jobs prefer fulltime projects or freelance .
Here is some of my works , also please note as not all the works doesent have the same quality its becuase some are past works that shows my learning process in the industry .
I had work with AAA games before you an check all the info you need in my webpage.
My prices are not indie but fair becuase the quality i provide , so if you need any other info please contact me by my webpage or my …skype: …infinite.render

Cheers :slight_smile:

And there is much more work in my webpage

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Psd…I do not work for free , royalties or percentage not for any case.

Oh, nice. A newcomer who don`t want to work for free. But your work is very cool.