AAA Level Designer looking for work.

I’m Mike Madden, a Level Designer with over 12 years in the game industry, 7 of those as a Level Designer. I have worked on several AAA titles including Call of Duty: Black Ops 1,2 and 3 and recently helped to design and the popular indie title Morphite. I can quickly blockout/greybox a level or drive a level to full detail completion. I’ve worked on projects of many different sizes and scales. I would love to find more work designing levels for companies or individuals in need of professional talent, to help you make that vision a reality.

Some of my services include:
Providing paper designs.
Quick Blockout/Greybox design for gameplay iteration.
Professional knowledge of the design process from start to finish.
Mobile, PC or Console design work.

I am looking for part/full time work I can do remotely from NC. I would also consider full time onsite studio work as well. Please contact me if you have any Level Design needs! Check out my Portfolio and LinkedIn for my contact info.

Feel free to check out my Portfolio:
Also check my profile out on LinkedIn:

Looking forward to working with you!

Hey Mike,
Some nice stuff… We’re currently working on an rts and have just reached the stage now of looking to design some example maps to fit the game’s style…
If you think it’s something that might be of interest, send me an email at
All the best,

Hey everyone, I have an opening for the next couple of weeks in December. I am looking to fill that time working on an awesome project. Do you need a test map, a blockout, prototype or any other Level Design work done before the new year? Let me know!

Hey, I’ll be available at least until the end of December if anyone has any needs!

I have some time available this new year if anyone needs some level design work!