AAA FPS guns and arm animations.

Is there an interest in having COD, Halo 4 or any other AAA animation quality first person arm animations?

Yes, good looking arms plz :slight_smile:

Yes, but I’d prefer it if the arms came as part of an overall first/third person controller. The trouble is that having only arms doesn’t really get us anywhere, because we still need the third person view model and animations as well. You can’t very well have a FPS with only arms running around.

Now having said that, having animation packs for the arms once they are part of a bigger controller package is fine. But afaik that doesn’t really exist yet sadly.

If it matches Blue man then I would buy it if inexpensive. Need advance plug-n-play controller systems though.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I plan to do these animations in batches. The easiest is the floating arms. I’ll do those first to get it in the market sooner. Then I’ll add in 3rd person animation that match. Finally I do a FP with 3rd body so you can see lower body in first. I would need to figure a few things with the blueprint to get that to work correctly. The other factor in this is FOV. If I animate to one FOV it might not look great in others. Lots to think about but I don’t plan to sale these for much. There might just be alot of packs that come out.

So animation wise it’s a done deal. I just need to figure out how to play 1st person arm mesh with a 3rd person mesh. I’m sure that part can be handled but for now I’m going to focus my energy on the animations. I going to use the blue guys arms for the 1st person view. That will be able to be place with the 1st arms they have for the template. I’ll be posting AVI example as I get some done.
Thanks again.

Can’t wait :smiley:

It would also be great to get a matching set of female arms in the pack.

Sounds interesting, would love to see that on the Marketplace. :slight_smile:

My weaponry framework cover all cases so you can focus only in floating arms animations for first person camera. :p. But remenber that it work with the epic blue humanoid. Happy new year!

Quick question for ya… When you speak of the “epic Blue humanoid” does that also cover the floating arms that are located in the First Person Template in unreal that use the same proportion?..Or is the framework just covering the “epic Blue humanoid”? I would like for my animation to work with as many pre-existing and future marketplace item as possible. I would like to have my first person arms separate from the 3rd person body so i don’t have to compromise animation quality to fit both. Basically i would have the arms in the foreground view plane and lower body in the back ground plane. Does your framework cover that?

You generally don’t do it like that (at least in unreal), you set different render states for the 1p and 3p meshes. So one renders while first person, the other renders while third. Ultimately you can have completely different meshes. If you look at shootergame as an example, you have two meshes associated with the character controller. Each mesh has its own animation blueprint for handling the different states of the character.

If you look here:
I’m using the prototype characters pack, with the epic skeleton, plus the first person arms from the default shootergame character. Essentially they are independant things, but you kind of need to be able to synchronize them for it to be convincing (for instance in my video there’s no additive anims for gun recoil in third person yet so it looks kind of weird).

There’s a fair bit of monkeying around required to get this kind of thing working well. Not least of which is decent animations, so if you can catch all the decent use cases that would be good. One thing to remember is to do different types of weapon reload animations, stowing and retrieving weapon, checking the weapon during idle or whatnot.

I am enjoying doing this stuff right now, but man its fiddly ;0

Floating 1P arm anims that use the mannequin rig would get my money rather fast.

I have a project that can use them immediately, if you’re interested in working with a system that has “separate render states” as noted by the above post. I’m looking for 1P Pistol, Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, and Knife anims.

Why I would like first person animations: