AAA experienced 3D artist for hire. (Experience with hand painted and PBR textures!) Concept art too

Hi all, My name is Joel Durham, I’m a freelance 3D artist looking for some fun projects to work on! I have 4 years experience working in the game industry and have worked on indie, mobile and AAA titles. Contact me for paid work only please!

Full portfolio can be found at:

Email me at joelrdurham (at) gmail (dot) com or feel free to PM me here!

My Skills include:
Concept Art
Character modeling and texturing
Hard surface modeling and texturing
PBR experience
Experience creating assets for unity in production for mobile games.

  • Can match both realistic and stylized art direction.

Shipped titles include:
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Galactic Civilization 3
Sins of a Solar Empire

  • I did the Clown sign and various other props for the call of duty level “sideshow.” This level was a huge team effort and I can only take credit for a small part of it! *

League of legends FAN ART contest entry:

Your work is looking great!
Someone hire this guy!

can you please send me an email :
i would like to talk to you :slight_smile:

Very professional work! I’m sure someone will be very happy to work with you!

New work:

Updating with a bit of new work: I was responsible for modeling Tyrael, Illidan and most of Arthas for this heroes brawl trailer. (I also textured Illidan.)

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