AAA Animated Medieval Swords and Shields Pack from Ironbelly Studios

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Up until this point, we’ve been focused on modern weapons, but after running a few polls and asking around we’ve heard from folks that AAA quality, animated Medieval weapons would be a great addition to the Marketplace. So we’re answering the call and cranking away on some awesome packs that will also include our FP arms for free!

If you’re interested in Bows and Crossbows, you can follow along over here…This thread is focused on Swords and Shields that will be put out as bundled packs.

**Swords and Shields included: **

  • Heater Shield
  • Norse Shield
  • Buckler
  • Claymore
  • Scimitar
  • Longsword
  • Short Sword
  • Kite Shield

Here’s a first look at our Norse Shield:


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I would love to see some sort of javelin and spear items.

Hey @Draven_lock, you will be happy to know that we have a spear on our list. We’re still finalizing the packs so we’re completely open to suggestions!

Awesome to hear!!!

We’ve been really busy over with a few other projects, but we haven’t forgotten about work on the swords and shields. Since we started with the high poly untextured of the norse shield, we wanted to follow it up with a low poly textured. Let us know what you think!

looks good, hopefully you make the weapons historically accurate with proper proportions

That’s the plan


it looks good, but:

normally all the shields in that time including Norse ones were covered by leather, and it was painted, which protected the wood and hided its structure, because a heavy axe strike could break it if hit in the direction of the boards.

moreover, I have never seen steel/iron edge on Norse shields, maybe I’m wrong, but as I remember it was rather applied on Roman shields.

this link might help you to be historically accurate (but there are many similar sites dealing with ancient/medieval weaponry): Hurstwic: Viking Shields

Hey thanks for sending that link over @sivan. We appreciate the feedback and will definitely make sure to incorporate some of those details going forward :slight_smile:

It’s been a while since we updated this thread but we haven’t forgotten about this pack! Work continues and we’ve started some early work on the Norse sword to match the Norse Shield:

Will these work with kubolds animations?

Hey @phantom530 yup! They work with Kubold’s animations like a charm :slight_smile:

Add Zweihander and Tower Shield too, if you may.

We will add it to our list! A bit of cross promotion on this thread and an update- our Bludgeoning Pack has been approved and should be up on the Marketplace any day now :slight_smile:

We’ve started work on the heater shield and are excited to share a first look:

Work continues on the Heater Shield, which would be perfect if you had, for example, a huge dragon breathing fire in your direction! Not quite happy with the materials quite yet but we are working on them and should have the final version of this shield ready soon!

Work on the Norse Sword continues, we’re just putting some final touches on it. Also, we’re cranking away on the crossbows and should hopefully have that pack submitted next week. Then the swords and shields are next!

any chance for dual sword anims?

there is one thing I do think is off with these textures… They are too clean and perfect and thus the pbr quality doesnt feel like its from medieval times.

This isn’t something we were planning, but definitely something we can consider!