A WotW tribute I've started in my spare time

Hey guys!

I´ve spent some hours last weekend doing a tribute to War of the Worlds (the 50’s movie). It´s just a WIP but it was really fun to do.

Looking the image it´s really easy to see where I took one of my biggest inspirations for my game The Hum hehe

I’m modelled and texturized everything in a morning, except for the trees and rocks (they are from Ancient Ruins package).

It would be nice to make a scene like VR Showdown with this assets. I think I will do it maybe next weekend!

DISCLAIMER 1: I’m not a proper artists, I’m actually a programmer.

Rendered in Unreal Engine (duh)
Modelled with Maya
Texturized with Quixel Suite and Substance Designer (yep, both!)

Awesome! Still one of my favorite movies! Nice job!

Thanks Hyperion74! Same here, amazing movie :smiley: