A word on Blueprint Debugging

I am sure others must have said the same thing in the past, but I want to say that Blueprint debugging is mostly useless. Half of the time, when I set a breakpoint, it only shows the variable type when I hover over a pin, oftentimes I can set no debugging focus because nothing shows up in the dropdown box. There is no way to skip over macros I dont care like the for…each loop so I have to go through the whole subroutine, not to mention that clicking on the “next” arrow is a drag because it changes position when you go into a macro.
Quite frankly, if it weren’t for the PrintString node, I would have long given up. This is the only thing that holds it together for me.
I would really like to see Epic put a lot more work into the blueprint debugger for one version cycle instead of adding tons of new optical features. I understand that you guys make money by blasting people’s mind with outrageous graphic demos since kiddies these days love graphic over content, but for us developers it means blood, sweat and tears every time there is a problem in a blueprint part of our application that needs debugging. A little help in that department would be greatly appreciated.

++ need ability to skip macros plz