A Weird problem in Skeletal Meshs

I’m creating a modular clothes system, So for do that I need assign the same skeleton to each assets. The problem is, the skeletons have the same structure, and when I create a retarget from an animation the animation works well for each meshs with his own skeleton. But when I right-click>assing another skeleton some weird things happens, like some bones changing positions, and I dont know why. images below:

Possibly the re-target options set up on the skeleton itself?

I discovered the problem. I was exporting the character from unreal and opening it in Blender and after re-importing. I don’t know why in this process he just did mess with some bones.

Opening the source file of the character and then exporting with the correct settings, which put me to hours of testing, I finally managed to make it work. Both to import and to export you need very specific configurations to work, in theory everything was relatively right so it was difficult to find the solution.

Thanks! :slight_smile: