A weeks work at Blueprint

So I’ve had a commercial game idea running round my mind for a while now and decided it would be a good thing to have a go at seeing if I could implement some of the features I want (and some I don’t - but wanted to see if I could make them anyway) using nothing but Blueprint.

So here’s an annotated video of what I’ve managed to accomplish in the last 5-6 days or so.

<Video no longer accessible>

Not quite as glamourous as some things on the WiP forum, but I’m pleased to have managed to get this far in only a week (and even more pleased that the bugs didn’t show up while recording). And sorry for how quickly the annotations are in advance, too much text and not enough time.

Says the video has been disabled.

Good job! Mine is still on work in progress, @anonymous_user_04d1f3bf jsut click on the YouTube video link and watch it there, if not and it is block in another country then OP needs to fix that video for international viewers. Or there’s a copyright was initiated not saying it is could be please don’t hate me.

Anyway to the OP good job and good luck on your development I love seeing people do this it just motivates me allot in my game.

Thanks. Also I’ve now fixed the embedded video so it should play now and not say disabled for forum viewers.

good blueprinting!

Great work so far sciife! Glad to see that you have decided to only create this with Blueprints, and in a week nonetheless. Keep up the fantastic work and hope to see more in the future!

So, a second week in Blueprints (many weeks after the first one it has to be admitted).

I decided to see if the stealth system could cope with being played multiplayer and found it failed completely with more than one player.

I took the plunge and started the extremely frustrating (as it turned out) conversion process of taking the existing system and remaking it to work on a network.

On the plus side it is now alot more efficient than it was before and also now works properly in multiplayer gameplay.

<Video no longer accessible>

Hey! Pretty cool dude! How did you setup the detection of light feature? I made this feature in C++, but wasn’t sure about how to do it really in blueprints. Just curious! :):smiley:

I’m so envious of your progress, especially compared to my first week in UE4. Keep the updates coming!

Just in case you feel misled (zlspradlin) by my wording, that wasn’t my first week at blueprint it was just ‘A’ week at Blueprint (though it was my first week at trying to accomplish a non-tutorial blueprint). My actual first week was following along with the official blueprint tutorials.

, looking at your post I think I’m correct in saying that your C++ iterates all lights in a level and then calculates the hit?

Mine is more based (with a few extras some of which a friend suggested be implemented) on this Tutorial-Request-Stealth-Mechanics post.

Well done sir, Blueprints are awesome!

Well, hot on the heels of the last video I posted (and not quite a week either) comes another video - a blueprint only grappling hook:

<Video no longer accessible>

I realise that in the other players viewport at times it’s a bit difficult to see the rope, but it is there.

And for the record the rope length is currently set to an insanely high number for testing purposes (but it really is fun to use across large distances like that).