A way to use the entire world as a map in your game

Check this out:

Google have discarded this system and are implementing a new one. Using this in Unreal would require a real coder, or a plugin maker. There is however a more interesting company called Map Box →

Perhaps a Mapbox Unreal plugin could earn someone a MegaGrant?

For a little project, I will most likely use Unity, Swift UI or HTML/CSS/JS, as I am no coder. In the meanwhile, having a real time GPS location based maps, that you can stylise and change the graphics on, in Unreal, would be awesome!
Your hometown could “easily” become a cyberpunk town or a viking village in some RPG, or just an FPS shooter experience.

There is one big problem with google and free api/service.
They start something, do not make enough $$ (or find better way),
and they drop support or just close servers for service you use for your product.
And it is over.

Yes for fun you can implement and use google api, but i would not build me company/product around it.

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You are more correct than you realize, because Google just did that recently. Now they are rolling out some new geo gaming platform and it’s quite unclear what that actually means.

That is why I am way more interested in MapBox. Their Unity SDK has a free tier for the first 50.000 monthly players. There are open source solutions out there, incase people are looking for entirely free static map. Mapbox uses at least one of these, the open street thing.

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Adding a bit more here. The best solution to use and implement, turned out to be SwiftUI and Apple’s MapKit SDK.

Literally takes three lines of code to get a dynamic real time map to display…