A way to share graphs better.

When using this forum or answerhub, we always have to print screen the entire graph and it makes it usually unreadable.
I think you should add a button that generates a big image ( just like the images you have on your documentaions that can be clicked on to enlarge and then pan the image where ever you need ) and then past it in the forum/answerhub.

Also, when using the documents, you demonstrate how to assemble something in a graph.
Please put the code to past into the graph so the community can just copy past it without looking back and forth to copy it, this is really annoying.
The copy past option is already there, just put the text in the documentations this is very simple.
And don’t forget to mention the version the graph were copied from. in case it doesn’t past exactly as it should, we will be able to know why.

also the way to share the functions, like copy pasta them.