A way to save a blueprint from a scene to the content browser?

Is there a way to save a blueprint you created in a scene to your content browser so you can use it in other levels, other than editing the default blueprint?

the only blueprint that is level specific, is the level blueprint.

other blueprints, such as characters AI / control systems / ect are created as individual assets, that are browsable in the content window.

if you need to take logic from one blueprint to another you can select the nodes you want and copy them with ctrl+c and paste them in the new blueprint with ctrl+v.
this also works with placed actors in a level and you can also paste stuff into a text file and save it, then later copy all that text and paste it back into ue4 and it will create a copy for you.

I need to copy a blueprint actor I edited the values of in a level(not a level blueprint), so that I can then use this same blueprint actor in other levels as well by just dragging and dropping it in. I’d prefer not having to edit the default version of the blueprint actor since there’s so many values I’d need to manually change again which is currently the only way I see that I’d be able to do this, and instead I’d prefer somehow copying the one I already edited. I did not edit any of the nodes of the blueprint, I only edited its many numerical values within the details tab. I’m able to copy and paste this blueprint actor across levels but I’d prefer being able to save it in the content browser instead of having to open a level to copy it first.

So, I think, there’s a bit of a misunderstanding going on here.

The Blueprint actor you refer to is in the level. In order to be in the level, it must exist within the project. To exist in the project, it must be saved somewhere within the project’s structure and, thus, must be somewhere in the Content Browser.

You should be able to locate that BP actor in the Content Browser. The easiest way to do this is to select the BP actor in your World Outliner, right-click and choose Browse To Asset. This should show you the asset in your Content Browser.

When you edit that BP actor, I’m pretty sure when you save changes it is saving it to that asset. Therefore, dragging that asset into any subsequent level/map should achieve exactly what you want.

If I’ve misunderstood, apologies - please clarify further if so.

As far as I know, for me, when I save the changes I make in the details tab with the numerical values of the actor blueprint, the changes are only saved in the level and not in the default actor. Browsing to the actor brings me to the default actor for that blueprint which does not have any changes I made. If I were to edit it’s blueprint nodes however I do think the changes are saved, but when I only edit the values in the details tab, it only seems to get saved in the level only, and I’d like to find a way to make it get saved into the content browser even if I don’t touch the nodes.

I think I understood your question. To save an edited blueprint from a level, first click on the blueprint in your level, then:

. Go to ->Details in the editor
. Then click on ->Edit Blueprint ->Create Child Blueprint Class.

A new blueprint will be created in the content browser. Now you can drag and drop the blueprint to the level of your choice.

This should work :slight_smile:

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