A way to modify existing nodes?

Hi everyone, is there a way to modify an existing node in UE4 (without doing C++) ?

Actually the node “add controller pitch/yaw input” give a pitch/yaw input to the controller according how the pawn is turned and this parameter seems impossible to custom…

It causes me probblems when i make roll my character, the yaw and pitch inputs become unintuitive.

I’d like to create a copy of the “Add controller pitch/yaw input” and modify it to make sure the rotation is based on what the player see.

But for this i need to tell where my controller is facing and it’s something that i can’t because there is no vector/rotation input to this node…

That’s why i’d like to know if there is a way to modify an existing node or if you know a better way dont hesit ^^

No, but you can create new static node with different name in blueprint function library

If you can ot do that by correcting result of that node, then C++ is only way to do it, or else you gonna recreate same code in Blueprint

I didn’t know about blueprint function library, i think i gonna use this way to solve my problem Thanks :slight_smile: