A Way to make Objects in level interact with Dynamic joints on character?

I have a character with a ponytail that is dynamically driven by a spring joint. What I want to do is setup a basic test that will allow other moving objects in the level, like a box in this example, to hit the ponytail and cause an interaction, instead of it being solely driven by the spring joint.

The testing methodology is the following thus far.

  • I have a small box in the level which moves side to side based on a timeline.
  • I have a character with custom physics asset setup including physics bodies set up for the ponytail.
  • The character blueprint is then dropped into the level right where the moving box would collide with the hair.

I am trying to make it so the box will collide with the ponytail, causing it to react.

However, I am unsure where to go after this initial set up. I assume I would have to do some enabling of physics or something in the character blueprint. But beyond that, what settings would I use in terms of collision profiles for the hair and the box itself? Most physics tutorials I find only demonstrate how to make the character interact with objects in the world but not how to have objects in the world affect any dynamic bones or individual interactive parts of the character itself.

I can’t even think of what search terms to use to find what I’m looking for. Does anyone know how to do this or do you know of any relevant tutorials?